Peace through Culture™ with Bombadil Publishing

We want to spread the idea that the best way to change your life is to do something positive with it. This may sound like a trivial statement, but to many young persons in the world it is not. In poor areas with low education and little change it may seem as if the best way to “become something” is through a route of violence and crime. By introducing an avenue of not only making their voice heard but actually making money for themselves in the process, we believe that we can change the basic outlook on what life has to offer and thus reduce crime and improve the general standard of living. This is not only achieved through teaching a profession (give a fishing rod, not fish), but also through demonstrating that the thoughts and dreams of young persons have a value and is cherished also in other countries. The idea is quite simple: A young person writes a book, we produce the book and help the author sell it, locally and internationally. However, the details become somewhat more complex, as an infrastructure for author support, production, distribution and sales is built up. Below is an effort at explaining the cost and revenue share breakdown of the Bombadil ideology, as applied to a sponsored book production.


A core value of Bombadil Publishing is that everybody involved in the book creation process shall earn a share in the revenue produced. This is expressed as the 20-20-20-20-20 principle: 20% of the revenue goes to the author: as royalty for the idea and the bulk of the creative work 20% goes to direct support for the author: half to a mentor responsible for helping the author in finishing the book concept and bringing the storyline to a consistent plot, half for bringing the literary and graphical quality to a level expected from professionally published books. 20% goes to cover direct production costs: Setting the book in a format acceptable by printers, and printing paperback copies 20% goes to sales: Administration, marketing and transport. Note that customer discounts for large orders are not included here. 20% goes to overhead: Setting up the process, administrating the flow of the manuscript from interested author to book in the hand of the reader, supporting development of manuscript creation tools, etcetera.

Costs, sales revenues and royalties

Costs vary depending on number of pages, complexity of writing, and on how good the author is at producing a contained and interesting plot in correct and varied language. Depending on the quality of the book and how well it is positioned in the market, sales may take a long time to pick up, but may also be quite fast. We are currently negotiating framework agreements with a large number of libraries, academia and sales channels around the world, as well as creating a framework for authors to sell their own and each others’ books at a good profit (20% sales commission). Our experience is that more than 500 books are almost always sold in the first year. For illustration, we have here assumed that 500 or 1000 of the 1000 books printed are sold to readers over a period of five months.

Peace through Culture™ with Bombadil Publishing

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Peace through Culture™ with Bombadil Publishing

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